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New year, new site

by Souris in Talk


New year, new site! Last week I deployed this website update, which I have been designing for almost a year with the intention of trying new designs and development stacks. Eventually, this is the end result.

Design direction

I have been looking at other people's websites for months, seeking out simple and effective designs that could do the job and fit my personality. In the end, I decided on big, bold, and high-contrast text, with everything in its respective boxes, and made it as fast-loading as possible.

I am also trying to create more structure for my projects, blog, and other information. Design is a process that will never be done, so I will continue to refine and update it.

Development and tech stack

I still consider myself an amateur Javascript front-end developer, so I invested in familiar technologies such as Vue and CSS utility frameworks like Tailwind and Windi. 11ty was my first choice for generating the website and blog, but changed to Nuxt instead due to Vue, the abundance of modules to integrate, and the out-of-the-box experiences.

Windi CSS was my choice for the stylesheet due to its speed, good documentation, support for dark mode, custom units, and Nuxt module.

Nuxt Icon was another great choice as it uses Iconify, making it easy to use icons from several packs.

Future of the site

I plan to post more blogs to improve my writing and English. I have a few personal projects that I am excited about (deployed to subdomains and using different frameworks). Finally, gaining recognition and more work would be wonderful, as a product and graphic designer, it is important to have a place people can come to view my existing works.

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