Vannrith (វណ្ណរិទ្ធ) AKA. Souris

about me.

My name is Vannrith Va, mostly known as Souris. I am a product designer and front-end developer working from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Apart from designing and some coding, I also do a variety of activities like sport, draw, photograph, game and enjoy some movie’s mythologies.

My coding career started in 2016, doing some PHP and WordPress, and later manage Shopify. During that time I had chance to explore other related fields like magazine design and later on, product design.

2018 is where my product design career started to take shape. I spent a lot of time with companies designing mobile apps, and website. You can see some of that in projects section and in my Dribbble profile.

I do love minimal design. Being a Cambodian, surrounded by busy-designs, inspired me to make something different, design to solve issue instead of making it look a certain way.

Lastly, I personally also promoting Free and Open Source Software, like Linux distributions, design tools, and other applications. Hopefully one day I can make something good to impact the change.

programming skills.

It all started with PHP, and WordPress, and later I dive deeper into CSS and preprocessing (yes people always argue that CSS is not a programming language all the time, I understand). Since the world we’re living right now focus heavily on Javascript to build everything from website to mobile app to desktop app, I also am playing and working with Javascript and other frameworks like Vue, Nuxt and Ionic. But in general, my main focus is to bring my UI design to life, let the smarter people figure out the architecture and backend part.

design skills.

It all started with image manipulation, and basic vector drawing. I later found Inkscape and started to learn more about it and other vector base design. While working for company I also had the chance to learn about branding as well. But since I have front-end background, picking up product design is very smooth. After finished my UX cource, I have decided that I only stick with product design professionally, so I only focus on one thing.

about this website.

This website was built with Nuxt 3, and some other goodies like TailwindCSS and Netlify.

broke lol

need designs?

send me a message, I reply fast (wink wink). let’s have a chat.